Lotus platform was offered to prepaid subscribers.

The Lotus platform was offered to prepaid subscribers as a free download application, originally available for Android and iOS. After some time, it also became available to subscribers of basic telephones through the USSD-interface, so that all prepaid subscribers could access the service. Initially, the service was presented to subscribers via SMS notification, which suggested that they extend the airtime loan if they signed up for the service.

Lotus iNotes opportunities. As soon as the client registers to receive the service, every time his balance reaches low levels, he continues to receive offers to extend the loan in the air stream from Flow Lend based on his payment history. The Juvo solution uses data science (analysis of “big data” received from a mobile phone) and game mechanics (methods that ensure the participation and motivation of subscribers for even greater interaction) to analyze the behavior of subscribers.

This creates a profile for the unknown prepaid subscriber, and your financial capabilities can be predicted based on the use of your mobile phone. As soon as the loan extension is activated, the airtime loan becomes available instantly and can be paid the next time you refill your account at local recharge points. Depending on the use of the telephone and the payment history, subscribers may gradually gain access to longer loans over longer periods of time.

When subscribers “check” their credit points when making payments in the allotted time, they receive rewards in the form of points that can lead them to levels of silver, gold and diamonds, which, in turn, allows them to access extensions to increase loans.

Lotus Notes is backed by IBM, a trusted industry leader. IBM supports cross-platform support and demonstrates a commitment to open standards and interoperability. IBM’s clear and robust software map indicates that Lotus Notes applications can be easily adapted to future interfaces and innovative collaboration models, including the upcoming release of Lotus Notes, code-named “Hanover.” IBM offers a full range of equipment, solutions and services for building an integrated business on demand.

If you open an email database other than the one used in the previous session when starting the Lotus Notes client, CallPilot Desktop Messaging will automatically detect and synchronize it with this new database. Changing the email database during an active session You can also change the email database that you use during an active Lotus Notes session and client-server software platform (that is, when you are logged into an active session). Lotus Notes mail database as an active client. To modify the mail database, do one of the following:

To send customized faxes to multiple recipients, you can use the Word Mail Merge feature and send the print job to a batch printer. It is better to be familiar with the mail merge feature to use the batch fax feature. See the documentation for Word. The fax sending feature is available only to users and the web desktop who have installed the Nortel Fax batch printer driver.

In the face of the large volumes and complexity of the information that is emitted, disseminated and used, societies are entering the era of organization. By avoiding the limitations of time and place, companies seek to optimize the coordination of people with the exchange of information and knowledge. These are the goals of Groupware tools, which lead to changes in the organization of the organization’s information systems, improving and developing existing work processes.

If messaging is often the first step in this process, organizing so-called “collaboration” is not enough. Combining the additional features of Groupware and Workflow becomes essential to integrate these anticipated changes. It was in the framework of the deployment of such logic that Lotus Notes software acquired. After the presentation of CAF and its environment, the Lotus Notes project, we will follow the methodology used to fulfill this mission, namely, various preliminary analyzes, organization and design of the structure.