Raven by Lotus

When you are offline, you can work as if you were online, performing directory searches and searching the free time calendar, as well as working with key collaboration applications. Background replication and the ability to selectively replicate databases, documents, views, and folders can help improve user productivity and network efficiency. Based on the features of reliability, scalability, availability and manageability of IBM Lotus Domino. Lotus Domino clustering features provide data resiliency as well as processor capabilities. Other high availability features include unique mailbox recovery and backup.

Lotus Domino’s server-side spam control with support for DNS blacklist and whitelist and server-side email rules can help prevent spam from reaching your inboxes, potentially increasing your productivity. Administrators can centrally manage key Lotus Notes workstation settings, including a custom welcome page, through policy-based administration and dynamic updates. Client updates can be implemented for users from the server using the Lotus Notes Smart Upgrade feature, which virtually eliminates the need for individual desktop processing. Associated browser access.

Raven by Lotus advantages. For added flexibility, Lotus Notes users can use the feature-rich Lotus Domino Web Access from a web browser while away from the office. Lotus Domino Web Access provides award-winning web browser access to email, calendars and schedules, contacts, to-do lists, web pages, team collaboration tools, and web applications. – Internal Line Services allows you to use a browser-based mailbox without connecting.

Business Planning and Scheduling Lotus Notes provides industry-leading scheduling and scheduling features that make it easy for employees to collaborate and plan meetings with colleagues. Lotus Notes offers fully customized calendar views and a comprehensive scheduling form that contains important details for scheduling appointments, appointments, and reminders. Resources and meeting rooms are managed through a centralized database, which helps prevent rebooking and improves resource efficiency and availability.

With an additional software license, users can schedule web conferences directly in the scheduling form and can take advantage of a fully planned workflow. Busy employees can delegate access to the calendar, usually to an administrative assistant, and Lotus Notes provides detailed, automated control of calendar settings for efficient management of corporate calendars. The ability for users to work as they wish.

Lotus Notes offers features for customizing end-user interactions based on individual and corporate preferences. You can work the way you want using settings such as calendar entries and color-coded emails, column reorganization, bookmark settings, reordering, and selecting your favorite calendar views. Organizations can create custom welcome pages or allow employees to use the welcome page wizard to conveniently display their most frequently used content from various sources (e.g. email), to-do list, to-do list, web pages and files and documents of the operating system).

Lotus Notes can help you respond as quickly as possible with features such as tracking, quick rules, visual indicators that indicate when you have forwarded or answered emails, and in Lotus Notes 7 icons to indicate if you are sole recipient of the email. Close integration with Lotus Notes technology successfully integrates closely with technology that helps protect investments and maximize productivity. Lotus Notes allows you to edit attachments in place, including Microsoft Office applications, by directly activating the corresponding application from Lotus Notes and saving the changes in the attached file.

Integration points were built on past successes in areas such as the right-click menu and the ability to use Microsoft Word as an alternative email editor. Newer integration points include full drag and drop support, the use of a standard installer, a document library template, and Lotus Notes 7 single sign-on provides access to a selection of Lotus Notes features.