Lotus iNotes for desktop continues to set the standard

Lotus iNotes for desktop continues to set the standard for innovation in messaging and collaboration, which Lotus set 15 years ago. Here are ten of the most compelling reasons why more than 120 million users use IBM Lotus Notes and Domino for collaboration and corporate messaging.

Designed for business. Corporate decision-making cycles are closely linked, and messaging is only a small part of the decision. Lotus Notes client software is designed to help companies expand team collaboration and improve responsiveness. The capabilities of Lotus Notes go far beyond the personal information management tools that are part of competing email client software. Lotus Notes includes performance enhancements designed to better manage your mailbox, including full-text search, visual indicators for various types of mail, and flexible archiving capabilities.

Combined with Lotus Domino server software, Lotus Notes provides a robust, secure, and manageable messaging environment designed to maximize cost and lower total cost of ownership. Different thinking: integrated collaboration Unlike other messaging systems, Lotus Notes offers a unified and integrated collaboration platform. Lotus Notes’ wide range of productivity enhancements, further enhanced in Version 7, are designed to help you highlight your key work and find information easily.

Integrated instant messaging in the business provides an understanding of presence and allows users to initiate online conversations with colleagues via email, calendar, to-do lists, address book, meeting rooms, discussion database and applications are included. This feature offers both personal convenience and business needs for direct communication with colleagues, as well as means for making decisions in real time and exchanging information – without activating or licensing a separate application.

Lotus Notes includes collaboration tools, such as: meeting rooms, which provide a wide forum for sharing information and teamwork; special workflow management; discussion database; and links to documents that allow you to share documents with colleagues without downloading the actual file. Experienced users and developers can use integrated templates to easily create robust collaboration applications to meet their business needs — without the help of IT.

Networking center for Domino. Rapid application development (using IBM Lotus Domino Designer, a standalone product) and deployment (with project replication) allow for short prototype production planning. Thousands of independent software vendors offer a large portfolio of Lotus Domino-based business applications in the market to cover cross-segment focus areas and segment-specific priorities, such as customer relationship management, sales automation, automated web services and call centers.

The security features that a business should expect. Good industry practice is the multi-level security model of Lotus Notes and Domino, which extends from the server level to a single field in the document. Lotus Notes offers integrated support for most industry security standards, including smart card support. Lotus Notes helps protect organizations by utilizing a widely deployed public key infrastructure (PKI) with built-in digital signatures and end-to-end encryption. Performance Control Lists (ECLs) can help protect your computer environment from email viruses.

In addition, Lotus Notes and Domino functions for managing the types of actions allowed in the messaging and collaboration environment can help you avoid repetitions, automatic collection of mailing lists, and others. Unrivaled mobility. Offline requires more than email. From the very beginning, Lotus Notes introduced an attractive model for replicating not only e-mail, but also complete applications with data, logic and security controls, which allows you to be as productive as possible, wherever you are. Lotus Notes replication uses an optimized upgrade process that helps you quickly get what you need, even with high latency and low bandwidth connections.